The residential property world is a fascinating industry to work in, with constantly evolving stories. Deborah’s VLOG keeps you updated on the latest property market news and insights,, interesting listings, events taking place in and around Tunbridge Wells and details of her regularly updated property BLOGs.

Deborah's Weekly Video News 26.02.21

The papers were full this week of news that the Stamp Duty holiday will be extended until the end of June. Rishi has not formally announced this yet, but it is highly likely that he will do this Thursday in the spring Budget. My VLOG this week has my thoughts on the pros and cons of this extension. I also look at a wonderful 1960's house, beautifully preserved in time and well worth a look, if only to gaze at those curtains, carpets, and wallpapered ceilings! Plus details of two lovely, and very different properties, that we have launched on Warwick Park.

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