The residential property world is a fascinating industry to work in, with constantly evolving stories. Deborah’s VLOG keeps you updated on the latest property market news and insights,, interesting listings, events taking place in and around Tunbridge Wells and details of her regularly updated property BLOGs.

Deborah's Latest Video News 30.04.21

You're probably hearing the current rumours that many properties listed for sale are achieving above their asking price. This is certainly a phenomenon of the seller's market that we are enjoying, and more details in my VLOG this week. Plus if you're worried about how the Government will ever repay the huge debt that has arisen as a result of the pandemic, you might be interested to see what has happened with stamp duty receipts - it's not all bad news! And finally, a great development for any aspiring self-builders, as the government steps in to support this sector. If this news makes you want to build your own dream

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